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  Electrical systems Maintenance Mechanical HVAC systems BMS & Fire protection Services  
  • Operation and maintenance of all types electrical installations such as HT/LT Panels, ATS,VCBS, Transformers.

  • Diesel Generator (DG set), AMF panels, DG synchronization.

  • Emergency power System (ATS)

  • Electrical preventive, predictive & breakdown maintenance.

  • Low Voltage power distribution systems,Lighting & fixtures Emergency Lighting systems.

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply, Variable Frequency Drives.

  • solar lighting systems.

  • 24/7 emergency call out, Energy saving audits

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  • Operation and maintenance of all types chillers, AHU units , PACs etc.

  • operation and Maintenance of Air Conditioners , CRACs, Comfort ACs.

  • O&M of Split/Window/Cassette Acs.

  • Hot water & heating systems.

  • O&M of pharmaceutical & production industry installations such as air compressors, oxygen plants, steam boilers, cooling towers, water chillers, brine chillers, nitrogen plants, RO Plants, ETP/STP/WTP etc..

  • Fresh Air handling units,VAV & Fan coil units,Ventilation systems, Pressurization ,Exhaust fans.

  • Data Center Maintenance Services

  • Regular operations and maintenance on 24X7 Days, that includes

  • System Performance Checks.

  • System Capacity Tracking.

  • Overall operation and maintenance of all Electrical, Mechanical, and HVAC equipment within the Data Center and Controlled Temperature management .

  • Supporting mission-critical servers and must maintaining better than 99.999% uptime.

  • Dedicated stand-by diesel generators O&M switchgear, UPSes, PDUs, wet cell batteries and associated systems, CRAC, centrifugal chillers, cooling towers/water chemical system, air handlers and associated systems, pumps, & motors.

  • Maintenance tasks to include: filter changes, battery system PMs, and Rack PDU & Rack ATS replacements.

  • Mechanical systems (RTU, Humidifier, A/C), Fire alarm and suppression systems (Fike, Cheeta) building control systems (SquareD, Tracer Summit) and preventative maintenance programs for All.

  • Operation and Monitoring of BMS,Access control,Fire alarm,Hydrant system.

  • Electronic & Control System (CCTV, Access Control PA VA Systems).

  • Telephone Data System.

  • Display & Timing system.

  • Security Controls.

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    Plumbing & Infrastructure Services

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